RO Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis ("RO") Water Systems

Sundial Limited is proud to manufacturer, install and service Reverse Osmosis Water machines which provide spot free water for automobile, RV, boat and ATV washing and detailing. Spot Free water is defined as water having less than 50 parts per million of dissolved solids, and it does just what the name implies, dries without leaving a spot. Spot free water means your lot washers or detailers can get better results in half the time because they don't have to dry the cars! It also means your detail shop won't have to re-wax and buff cars and worry about incidental etching on dark cars because the water you are using is essentially mineral free!

Sundial's RO Water System can be custom designed for your dealership with a daily output of 500 to 10,000 gallons or more of water! Prior to designing your system, a Sundial trained RO technician will test the water at your dealership, car wash or auto detail shop to determine the minerals and other materials in your water to ensure the filtration we provide will produce crystal clear spot free water. Sundial will then build, install, service, inspect and maintain your system to ensure your dealership gets to enjoy the cost savings and benefits of spot free water without interruption.

How much will it cost you say? Sundial rents its systems on a month to month basis, and in many instances Sundial can install the system at a dealership free of charge and provide the first month of service free. What is the catch you ask? There is no catch, Sundial merely knows its RO system is great and that you are going to like it and see the savings of time and money once you try it… and if for some reason you don't like it, we will take the system out for free!

RO Water Systems are the best, most efficient and most cost effective method to secure a supply of spot free water at your business or home. Contact Sundial today for more information about this incredible product and service, your detail staff and vehicles will thank you.