Company News

July 2011Sundial expands its hours and wholesale chemical and car care/detail product lines at its Tampa Warehouse!

Sundial WarehouseSundial is now open from 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 12:30pm on Saturday to better serve detail professionals who buy spot free water and wholesale car care chemicals/detail products at its Tampa Warehouse.

Sundial is now running regular and monthly specials that feature its great ECP car wash and detail products. Regular specials for July include: Buy 5 gallons of any detail chemical (tire dressing, carpet cleaner, solvent or any of our chemical products) and get a free gallon of Suds to the Ceiling car wash soap! …also… Spend $100 on chemicals and/or detail products (brushes, chamois, sponges, gloves, etc.) and get FREE spot free water on that visit! So whether you are shade tree detailer who likes to maintain an immaculate car or a professional mobile detailer who services valuable customers with exacting expectations come visit us at 8901 N. Nebraska Avenue and check our incredible selection of car care and detail products.

You will like our products and you will LOVE our WHOLESALE PRICES!!

June 2011Aero-Shine Permanent Tire Shine

Sundial is extremely excited about a revolutionary product that it will be distributing to automobile dealerships throughout the United States! Aero-Shine Permanent Tire Shine is a game changer, no longer do you have to worry about gooey, sticky, black tire dressing slinging on your paint or ruining your car cover, Aero Shine Permanent Tire Shine will shine and protect your tires better than new permanently, with no sling and no wet, greasy feel.

Aero-Shine is installed on your car by certified professionals and bonds to your tires forming a glossy, shiny, permanent protectant barrier that blocks 100% of harmful UV and Ozone and keeps your tires looking better than new for more than six months!

Say goodbye to greasy, sticky messy tire dressing that slings on your paint, ruins your car cover and washes off in the rain and say Hello! to a revolution in tire shine, Aero-Shine Permanent Tire Shine. Contact Sundial to learn more about Aero-Shine and how you can get this great product in your dealership!

February 2011Auto-Vaccine is a smell killer!

Do you have a car on your lot or in your garage that has an odor you cannot get rid of? Sundial has the no muss, no fuss odor eliminator for you, Auto Vaccine. Auto Vaccine's active ingredient is chlorine dioxide and it is very simple to use. Just add ΒΌ of an inch of water to the provided cup, put the supplied pouch in the cup with blue side up, place the cup in the car cup holder and leave the car for 6 hours, doors closed and windows up. Auto Vaccine kills the toughest smells. It kills, not masks, cigarette / cigar / pipe smoke, fish, mildew, vomit, feces, you name it, it kills the smell and is very affordable. Contact Sundial for more information or to place your order today.